Words For Numbers: Times Of Day

Words or phrases I use for times of day and the hour they roughly designate:

1am – 3am  The Wee Hours of the morning

4am  First light

5am  Dawn

6am  Sun-up

7am  Early morning

8am  Morning

9am  Mid-morning

10am  Late morning

11am  Fore-noon

12:00  Noon

1pm  Afternoon

2pm  Early afternoon

3pm  Mid afternoon

4pm  Late afternoon

5pm  Dusk

6pm  Early evening

7pm  Evening

8pm  Sundown

9pm  Later evening

10pm  Night

11pm  Late night

12:00 Mid-night


Obviously these designations are not strictly logical, and at certain times of year are not even true!  (For instance “sunup” and “sundown” should vary w/ the actual times of sun-rise and sun-set.  But that’s why I made this list:  these are the times I mean, roughly, when I use these words or phrases!


I just thought it rather quirky and marvelous that I have nearly 24 such phrases! :)


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