Things I Want To Do In 2014

1. Practice gratitude.

2. Reduce household clutter.

3. Master a couple of easy recipes for healthy “snacks” (anything fairly quick that is truly healthy.)

4. Send one card a day (until I run out of cards, if I live that long!); make it a thank you for some small thing if no other occasion.

5. Keep away from fatty foods even after I recover from gallbladder surgery.

6. Dream up and plan a mini vacation for JP and I.

7. Take a silent retreat.

8. Discern my community service project and start it.

9. Give away at least half of our clothes to Good Will.

10. Figure out a way to contend with mold until JP fixes our roof.

11. Start burning candles again, but find a way to reduce soot.

12. Remember what I learn!  Especially about “little” things, like which foods inflame my intestines, and which scents swell my sinuses, and which personal boundaries may not be crossed.  And that it’s GOOD for me to take care of myself.  🙂


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