Light shines.

This is a short but important list of three blessings in the midst of grief, gifts amidst chaos, my certainties amidst everything.

Maris Lacrima

“The bad things that come into our lives would not nullify all the good.” ~ from Shattered by Rita A. Schulte (page 87)

Bad does not nullify good.  That is such grace!  I want to take a moment to think about good things in my life that have persisted despite contemporaneous bad.

I always know my Heavenly Father is with me, holding me up, within me through the Holy Spirit, sustaining me in His Life, comforting, companioning, guiding, guarding, forming me in and through Christ.  That right there is such a gift.  The faith I have in God is all grace.  God proves Himself over and over, but the fact that faith is seated securely within me is pure grace.  It is completely His Gift, and I praise Him.  Lord God, Heavenly King, Almighty God, and Father, I worship You!  Thanks be to Thee, forever and ever!

Knowing that my…

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