Thank You God for Everything


Who, what, where, when, and why?

To whom am I grateful?

God (AbbaPapa-JesusChrist-HolySpirit), my parents, my spouse, my family, The Church, my friends, mentors, teachers, students, pro-life medical professionals, farmers, composers, artists, authors, all who pray for peace and try to live it.

For what am I grateful?

Life, love, home, belonging, safety, joy, truth, The Eucharist, peace, justice, mercy, beauty, music, art, books, coffee, cats, good food, trees, flowers, birds, the ocean, the whole earth, the universe!, seasons, last night’s moon, blue skies, breathable air, drinkable water, hot water for showers, all the ways we can make music and share music, all the ways we can communicate, friendship, laughter, silence, quiet, tranquility, prayer, education, travel, freedom, permanence and change, passages, time and eternity, space and transcendence, being and doing, compatibility, male and female, adult and child, dancing, bees, sweet things, savory things, all flavors, plants especially quirky ones life succulents, roses, iris, lilies, respect, wisdom, self-control, help especially when needed, courage, pets, wildlife especially hawks whales dolphins, ability to choose a good attitude, health, healing, a good immune system, my bed, The Bible, light, warmth, Mass, the capacity to worship my Creator and to adore my Savior-Lord, fellowship with Catholics and other Christian believers, the gift of faith, the conviction of the sanctity of life, empathy, forgiveness, understanding, gentleness, strength, perseverance, patience, gratitude!, all that is Good, God’s amazing Grace and ability to turn all things for Good, rain and rainbows, storms, hope, far-seeing, details and small things, grandeur, paradox and interesting juxtapositions, pain and suffering that can be redeemed into intimacy with Christ, Christ’s resurrection and ours to come, beginnings, endings, sweetly resolvable dissonance, resolutions, II7 chords, smiles, tears, skin, babies, lovers, fertility, barren-ness that can yet be hospitable to The Spirit, deserts, mountain-tops and valleys and pastures and meadows, gardens of all kinds and sizes, quilts, laptops, notebooks, pens, paper, texture, smells, color, color upon color, seemingly infinite gradations of hue, transparency and opaqueness, goldfinches, purple thistle, candles, incense, fire, purpose, spontaneity, ritual, good habits, memory, a stretchable heart.

Where am I grateful?


When am I grateful?


Why am I grateful?

Oh Lord, because You are Good and all You have made is Good, and all that is can be used for Good for those who love You.  Blessed be Your Holy Name, forever and ever.  Amen!

PS– The last prayer I heard my mother pray was “Thank You, God, for everything.”  She prayed this while in the throes of painful cancer and constant nausea.  Lord, thank You for her example.  Please help me to embrace her attitude.  While I am grateful for much, I know that You could yet convert my heart to be totally grateful, to truly receive everything truly having faith in Your Goodness.  Oh Papa, take my heart and let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee.  Amen.

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