Primal Story No. 2



  1. An “Act of God” occurs: people are in the way, everybody dies except for the one who conveniently survived to tell the story.
  2. An “Act of God” occurs: people are in the way, but 1 or 2 people “save the day” saving a few of the other people; everyone focuses on how amazing and wonderful it is that some were saved, even though the majority of humanity has suffered a horrible death.


  1. An “Act of “God” is about to occur: 99.9% of the story is about how people are trying to avoid massive human suffering or the end of the world by creating a man-made miracle; the last .1% of the story makes it clear we’ll never really know what happened.

French Film Version

  1. Four friends sit around a table drinking wine and discuss passionately (for 3 hours) the meaning of suffering and whether or not God exists.  One of them wonders if they themselves exist.  Every single person in the audience considers this film a life-changing event, all five of them.

True Mystery

  1. God acts: sacrifices Himself to save the world; most people don’t even notice, and the rest of them don’t quite get why or what it really means.  The mystery is that a few do.

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