Sounding Letters

Twelve Things I Liked About Spelling Tests In Grade-School

  1. I liked numbering the page lines.
  2. I liked listening for each word.
  3. I liked my confidence in spelling.
  4. I liked the A’s I achieved.
  5. I liked spelling the words: thinking through each letter.
  6. I liked sounding them out in my head.
  7. I liked the “metered” Q and A rhythm.
  8. I liked the review for self-checking at the end.
  9. I liked preparing for the tests.  Mom would quiz me at home.
  10. I liked writing the words: putting each letter onto the page.
  11. I liked writing them methodically.
  12. Mostly I liked listening and sounding in my head.  It was as though that process was rewarded with a printed word.  Seeing the word as a result of listening was magical!

This is such a simple memory, but as it is such a powerful memory of pleasurable confidence, which was atypical of me in relation to test-taking, I am grateful to remember this consistently positive experience of performance, particularly in the context of a judged test.

And what fun to remember the delight in sounding out each newly learned word in my mind’s ear, hearing and savoring each luscious letter.

Twenty Favorite Foods

My Favorite Foods:

Home-Made Meals

  1. Mom’s mashed potatoes: she whipped them in her mixer, and they were always creamy; served with Mom’s turkey gravy
  2. Aroz Con Pollo, Mom’s recipe from Puerto Rico:  Chicken breasts in rice with green olives and special herbs.
  3. Mom’s chicken casserole made with rice and green beans, creamy mushroom soup, and topped with cashews
  4. Kim’s steak:  Dr. Kim and his wife made The World’s Best Steak Ever!  It had to do with the marinade (their secret), and that it was served so simply in their home.
  5. Mom’s meatloaf!  Yes, even meatloaf!  If it’s Mom’s!  Hers was a little bit sweet!
  6. Mom’s Sunday Pot Roast (classic and yumptious!)
  7. Mom’s creamy egg-salad sandwiches (She usually only made these for car trips.)
  8. Mom’s oatmeal bread, recipe from More With Less Cookbook; This! is Real bread!
  9. Mom’s Iced Tea, made from home-grown, fresh-brewed spearmint
  10. Mom’s Penny Royal Tea (hot)
  11. Now that I reminisce about great home-cooked food made from scratch, I realize that all my favorites are Mom’s recipes.  The only meal I ever enjoyed as much as Mom’s cooking was Kim’s steak dinner.
  12. Is it too late for me to start cooking?  I think I’d like to learn how to make a few of her marvelous meals.

Restaurant Signature Dishes and Deserts

  1. Bob Evan’s Coleslaw (Mom loved this too; even better than her own)
  2. Subway’s Tuna Foot-long on Flat-bread with lots of spinach, some green pepper and a little red onion
  3. Arby’s Jamocha shake (Oh yea!)
  4. Olive Garden Salad
  5. Tastee Freeze Butterscotch shake (sadly TF no longer exists!)
  6. Donato’s veggie pizza
  7. Vicario’s (of Bellefontaine) sweet sauce (this is The Best Pizza Sauce Ever!)
  8. Everything at a Turkish restaurant in Columbus: Cafe Istanbul
  9. Marie’s chocolates (not a restaurant, but HAVE to mention Marie’s! — world’s best)

Authenticity Affirmations


I affirm my:

  1. Inner Child: My awe for simple goodness is grace, a gift to be treasured and celebrated.
  2. Sensitivity: Being aware of small changes helps me see the gift of each moment.
  3. Need for Solitude: Alone-ness with God, with myself, with quiet, is nourishment for my soul; it is to be honored (never deprecated).  To recognize a true need and to fulfill it is Godly.
  4. Voice: Until I can speak freely as I truly wish, writing uncensored is holy work; I must do it.  Writing is sacred art that honors the authentic soul.
  5. Need for Music: Hallelujah for the gift of Music!  Thank You, God, for making me a musician!
  6. Need for Color: Praise be Jesus for color!  And the gift of finely tuned sight!
  7. Courage: I face my fears with deeply fertile courage founded on Hope and Grace; I have faith in God and in myself; I have faith in Life.