Extraordinary Exclamations

30 Uncommon Exclamations

  1. Asteroids!
  2. Balderdash!
  3. Chewbacca, son of Attichitcuk!
  4. CowaBUNGa! (Thank you, Snoopy, aka Charles Schultz)
  5. DUNder Mifflin!  [ 🙂 ]
  6. Everlasting entropy!
  7. Fig newtons!
  8. Funky unicorns!
  9. Good GRIEF!
  10. HOCKey pucks!
  11. Incomprehensible idiocy!
  12. Jack be nimble! Jack BE QUICK!
  13. Kibbles and BITS!
  14. Ludicrous!
  15. Muddy waters!
  16. Nip it!  In the bud!  (Credit good old Barney Fife!)
  17. Ohio BUCKeyes!
  18. Ping pong balls!
  19. Quintessential quackery!
  20. Rutherford B. Hayes!
  21. Shut the front door!  (Thank you television ad!)
  22. Sonja Henie’s tutu!
  23. Thunder and blazes!
  24. Unfathomable abomination. (Most effective when muttered w/ a snarl on one’s lips!)
  25. Be gone w/ thee thy VILE INSECT, lest I trod thou into the dust!  (Thank Shelly for that one!)  (And my brother who taught it to me when I was twelve.)
  26. Worcestershire sauce!
  27. Xanthum gum!
  28. Yellow-bellied SAP-sucker!
  29. You Hoboken!
  30. Zelda FitzGERald!

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