For Frances and Her Parents

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To celebrate Frances’ birth, I made a playlist for her and her parents.  Some of the songs are obviously and perfectly suited for a baby, either because they were written for a baby or about a parent’s love for their newborn.  The inclusion of a few of the songs might surprise some because they were originally written for lovers, but I think they fit because these parents are celebrating their love for each other and for the life their love has created.  Several songs I included for other reasons; see more details below.  [The “by” refers to the artist(s) who recorded the music, not necessarily the composer/lyricist.]

For Frances and Her Parents, playlist on Amazon Music, curated by ML.

    1. Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder; because it’s wonderfully joyful.
    2. I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing by The New Seekers; for its sweet vision of building a home full of love and singing and sweet peace with nature.
    3. Free To Be You and Me by The New Seekers; I just discovered this one when selecting #2 and I liked its message; I thought Frances’ parents would too!
    4. Never Ending Song of Love by The New Seekers; isn’t it lovely?
    5. Longer by Dan Fogelberg It’s one of my favorites for any expression of love!
    6. What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong; I always find the world more wonderful with each new person born!
    7. Over The Rainbow by Israel Ka… and The Hawaiian Rainbow Ensemble; I especially like this arrangement for its sweetness and simple innocence.
    8. Here Comes The Sun by Yo-Yo Ma and James Taylor; everything on the album is wonderful and I thought this song especially fitting for this playlist.
    9. Improvisation on Dona Nobis Pacem by Paquito D’Rivera; this is also from Yo-Yo Ma’s album “Songs Of Joy And Peace” and I thought this song made a nice transition to the next one on my list.  It’s an incredible fusion of classical, jazz, and folk elements.  Plus I like the prayer for peace.  It’s also a sort of nod to St. Francis and his prayers for peace with all of nature.  (I couldn’t find a version of his “Canticle To The Sun” whose performance style/tone suited this playlist.)
    10. Coeur Volant by Zaz; I adore the movie “Hugo” from which this comes, plus I wish for Frances (besides unconditional love, renewing joy, and perpetual peace) a courageous heart.
    11. Fly Me To The Moon (acoustic version) by Angelina Jordan; I wanted to include a younger artist who expresses her own authentic wondrousness (as well as an amazing genius for recreating other voices); plus I love this song and I think parents can sing it to their children.
    12. Sur Le Quais Du Vieux Paris by Lucienne Delyle; because I love Paris and Frances was originally a French name.
    13. La Mer by Chantal Chamberland; because I adore the sea and because Frances and her family live near an ocean.
    14. Dance Me To The End Of Love by Madeleine Peyroux; I fell in love w/ MP’s voice when I heard this.  It might be the most surprising inclusion, but I think it works.  Parents in love with each other and their newborn want to celebrate love in every way!
    15. Over The Rainbow/ Simple Gifts by The Piano Guys; I wanted an instrumental version of OTR as a sort of reprise for the entire playlist; the incorporation of Simple Gifts is a bonus!
    16. Wait Till You See Her by Lori Carsillo; a very sweet lullaby-styled version of one of the greatest songs about the amazement of life and being in love as experienced through what I would consider our first encounter with the Beatific Vision when parent and child gaze into each other’s eyes.
    17. Wait Till You See Her (instrumental only) by New York Trio; I like this one so much I had to include two renditions of it.
    18. Longer (instrumental only) by Dan Fogelberg; again, more reprise of favorites!
    19. You Cannot Lose My Love by Sara Groves, and then there’s this one; it says it all!  Blessings to you Frances, and D&D!


I tried to include some lovely variety while keeping a general tone of not-too-loud, fluid (mostly lyric but full of richly textured rhythms and complex harmonies), singable, compelling, joyful, sweet sweetness that has depth.  These are songs I can imagine Frances’ parents D&D singing to each other and to Frances.  I can see them rocking her in their arms, gazing into her sweet face while swaying to the music.  Maybe the last several songs can serve as lullabies.

Happy listening!  Happy loving!  Happy parenting, D&D!  Happy growing, Frances!

Made and sent with lots of love, joy, and blessings forever!  ~ML

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