List of Lists

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List of Lists I’d Like to Write:

  • Funny sounding words
  • Places I’ve been that I loved or were life-transforming
  • Places I’d like to go
  • Miracles I’ve experienced
  • All-time favorite restaurants from all the places I’ve traveled/lived
  • Names for the color blue
  • Names for the color green
  • Names I’d like to use in creative writing
  • Colors in the sea
  • Top ten books that have transformed my life or world-view
  • Favorite poets
  • Ways to procrastinate and still get things done
  • Reasons I keep going when I think I can’t
  • What matters most
  • Why we’re here (the meaning of life in general)
  • Why I’m here (my purpose/s in life)
  • How to value life when you feel disconnected or without purpose
  • Why I love Jack so much
  • Good things I’ve gleaned from bad experiences
  • If I lived in Paris…
  • Why the world feels so different “after 9/11”
  • Why the world feels so gone after my parents’ deaths
  • Why I don’t like the world anymore
  • How I might fall in love again with life
  • How to make friends with an alien world
  • How to value a small sliver of life even if the rest of the world seems fu@%&d
  • What I can learn from my cats
  • What I admired in our beagles Sadie and Winston
  • Best coffee brands
  • Favorite coffee beans or flavors
  • Why I love the French language
  • Books with writing I find most beautiful
  • Books I would recommend reading more than twice
  • Favorite composers for classical piano
  • Favorite non-piano classical compositions
  • A playlist for myself to represent the progression of my life
  • Music I would like people to hear or sing at my funeral
  • Bouquets (flower/plant combos) I would love
  • Five reasons “why” I’m still so stuck
  • Five ways I might get unstuck
  • If I could start a peer-support group, what kind would it be?
  • Components of an ideal diner
  • Components of an ideal cafe
  • Twelve movies with great cinematography
  • Twelve great movie soundtracks
  • Twelve movies with powerful and beautiful story
  • My favorite visual artists
  • Why I’m drawn to nostalgia
  • Why I sometimes can’t stand anything nostalgic
  • Things I’d take to a desert isle if I could take only one from each of my favorite-things categories
  • Things I use every day
  • Things I keep but never use
  • Things I’m saving for the next generation
  • All the beaches I’ve been to
  • Why I love being on an ocean’s beach
  • Modes of transportation I’ve experienced and when I first did so
  • What I like about travel
  • What I don’t like about travel
  • What I like about being in a new place
  • What I like about being at home

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