July, Justice, Journey

photo of fireworks

Photo by Anna-Louise on Pexels.com

I made a playlist on Amazon Music for July 2019 “July, Justice, Journey”.  It currently has 19 songs (I might add to it later on), and runs about an hour.  The songs are at the moment ordered like this:

  1. Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copland
  2. America, the Beautiful performed by Ray Charles
  3. This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie, performed by Peter, Paul & Mary
  4. If I Had A Hammer by Pete Seeger
  5. Alabama by John Coltrane
  6. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel by Taylor & Dallas, performed by Nina Simone
  7. Feeling Good by Newly & Bricusse, performed by Nina Simone
  8. Song For The Morning Star by Carlos Nakai
  9. One Tin Soldier by Coven
  10. Where Have All The Flowers Gone by Pete Seeger, performed by Joan Baez
  11. Untold by Matthew West
  12. Welcome To Our World by Chris Rice
  13. Concordia by Yo-Yo Ma and Dave Brubeck
  14. Saturday In The Park by Chicago
  15. Forever Young by Bob Dylan
  16. On A Clear Day by Lane & Lerner, performed by The Oscar Peterson Trio
  17. Higher Love by Steve Winwood
  18. Happy by Pharrell Williams
  19. On A Clear Day by Lane & Lerner, performed by Barbra Streisand

Many people would expect a playlist for July to include some patriotic hymns and Americana folksongs or even peace-and-justice protest music.  In addition to such as these, I’ve included some other instrumentals and vocals that you might find surprising.  My theme is the journey toward justice for “the common man”, which is all of us, each of us.  So, on this July 4th when Americans rightly celebrate our independence as a nation, I also celebrate my hope for justice, freedom, life for all people and every individual human-being ever conceived.


Grateful to be Grateful

Every day I am grateful for:

  1. Family
  2. Faith
  3. Health
  4. Home
  5. Music
  6. My abilities, purpose, capacity to contribute
  7. Imagination

Today I am also grateful for:

  1. French music
  2. Desire to write, even if I have not much to say!

Easter Monday

agriculture barley field beautiful close up

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

  • He is risen!
  • But the story doesn’t end even there: He meets us on the road to Emmaus,
  • He offers His wounds for us to touch and see,
  • He breaks bread with us,
  • He prepares breakfast for us when our catch is slim and our faith wavers,
  • He reminds of all that came before & shows us what it means,
  • He bids us share the Good News with others,
  • He gives us His Spirit,
  • and for me, today, He reminds me that He is risen even with scars; His scars don’t disappear, but they don’t shackle Him to the past; His scars give further testimony to how we ourselves are one (body & soul) and we are one w/ Him, He with us.

For I know that my Redeemer lives,
And He shall stand at last on the earth;
And after my skin is destroyed, this I know,
That in my flesh I shall see God,
Whom I shall see for myself,
And my eyes shall behold, and not another.

(Job 19: 25-27)


Thoughts on Individuals, Community, Love, Wholeness

  1. The Individual is First and Absolutely-Essential.
  2. Relationship and Community are secondary and totally dependant upon the reality of individuals.
  3. All who think it’s the other way around are just wrong.
  4. God is One.
  5. I am one.
  6. True Love between two is only real when each one loves their Self, and can then give Love freely.
  7. Any “love” dependant upon anything (or anyone else) is not Love, but addiction/ obsession/ evil-perversion.
  8. Love begets Love.
  9. Love is always better than “Perfection.”
  10. Love in the midst of brokenness is best because it is Love being and giving True Love for Love of Being.
  11. Wholeness is brokenness healed by Love.  (NOT a return to unbrokenness, NOT “Perfection.”  It is better than never-having-been-broken.
  12. Brokenness is part of the sacred path to Wholeness; Love is the Way; Wholeness-in-Christ is Home.
  13. Brokenness (and suffering) are holy, not for the sake of suffering, but for the time and space to choose Love through free-will.  When we choose Love in the midst of our own suffering, we are choosing Love for Love’s sake.
  14. Even so, Love is so prolific, so generous and lavish, that every love has some reward, some good, and opportunity for further redemption, i.e. empowerment to love better.  Love is like Light: no darkness or evil can overcome it or squelch it.  Love grows.  Love endures.