Still getting acquainted

I asked my husband what, after 20 years of marriage, he knows about me.  Here’s his list:

1) I’m impractical.

2) I don’t know much about money.

3) I’m emotional, so gestures are probably important to me.

4) I like afternoon naps.

5) I’m a good teacher.

6) I care about people.

7) Family is very important to me.  I’m loyal to my parents/family.

8) I like chocolate.

9) I’m kind to animals, and I care about animals.

10) I’m finicky about the covers on the bed.

11) I have few but life-long friends, with whom I am loyal.

12) I’m caring.

13) I try to be optimistic and positive.

14) I’m usually patient until I reach my threshold.

15) I have very good personal hygiene.

16) I care about my students.

and after some prompting (and outright direction) from me:

17) Praising God/Jesus through music/church is important and deeply meaningful to me.

18) I like to show love/regard for my husband.

19) I care about esthetics.  I like to have a presentable house/studio/yard.

20) I like to be complimented/praised for solid/faithful effort.

21) I like to keep working toward the big picture of a better life.

22) I support “pro-life” issues/effort/perspective.

23) I appreciate my husband caring for my car.

24) I enjoy using the internet and my cell phone.

25) I need darkness and quiet for sleeping.  I like my night-cap (literally).

26) I like to sometimes fall asleep to surf sounds.

27) I like to read literature.

28) I appreciate my husband bringing me coffee in the morning.

29) Some of my favorites are:  coffee flavor – hazelnut, ice cream flavor – jamocha, clothing color – reds and purples, composers Beethoven & Chopin, piano – Steinway, all things French, the sound of the oboe, eggs – boiled or once-over-easy

30) My favorite flower is white Gardenia.  I’d love to have a live bush.

Can I think of 25 things my husband likes?

1) Food.  He likes to eat a lot of food and frequently.  He needs 3 -5 times as much food as I do.

2) The right temperature.  If it’s too hot, he gets testy and verges on rage, but he doesn’t “see it coming.”. If it’s too cold, he gets cranky.  He tends to be at his best between 63 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

3) He likes his hair just so.  He wants it quite short, but long enough that it will “lay right.”. He likes it “blocked” in the back.  He’s proud of looking good.

4) He doesn’t like to take showers, but he likes how good he looks and feels when he cleans up.

5) He likes chocolate, chips, salsa, Fritos, all kinds of “bad” snacks even tho’ he knows they are not healthy.

6) He likes to take supplements.  It makes him feel good about himself that he takes lots of supplements.  He thinks he’s preventing all kind of illnesses this way.

7) He loves his pets, especially dogs.

8) He’s passionate about antennas and microwave/radio-wave science.

9) He loves the Blue Ridge Mountains, and would go there whenever possible.

10) He likes home-made, real mashed-potatoes.

11) He appreciates any kind of food, especially if it’s a home-cooked meal.

12) He often prefers the color blue.

13) He likes to travel the shortest distance possible, whether it’s a long road trip, or across a parking lot.

14) He likes his coffee with skim milk and artificial sweetener, but since he can’t drink much of it w/out getting anxious, he’s learning to like tea.

15) He hates waste.

16) He has little tolerance for incompetence in others.

17) He likes to read books about history and biographies.

18) He needs lots of social interaction, but finds it challenging to relate w/ most people.

19) He likes to eat at all-you-can-eat buffets.

20) His favorite movie is “The Hunt For Red October.”

21) His favorite TV show is “House.”

22) He enjoys the radio program “Car Talk.”

23) He doesn’t like change, especially surprises.

24) He doesn’t like loud sounds, but he likes to have the TV on while he sleeps.

25) He likes to have light on while he sleeps.

26) He likes macaroons.  His favorite brand of cookie is Archway.

27) He likes brownies, especially when they are moist and chewy.

28) He’s proud of his credentials and his class rings and diplomas, etc. (any and every symbol of his intellectual achievements).

29) He values conciseness.

30) He likes and needs the full story starting with a properly constructing opening sentence, and with all the contexts told in logical order, with all the “dots connected.”