Mercy all the days of my life

Real-Life Feel-Good Stories (from my own life) that I need to tell some day:

  1. Unknown Skinny Man who pulled me off a burning lawn mower, carried me to the house, kept Mom and I from approaching it when it was about to explode, and then disappeared.
  2. Black Man & Son in Chicago who threw me over a wall to save me from falling ice-chunks; near where I had been standing a small car was crushed by one, and pieces from it landed where I had been.  They too disappeared before I could thank him.
  3. Voice to “Go Limp!” during car crash, and the folks who cared for me.  I was never able to find their house again.
  4. When I honked ’til awakening a slumped-over driver on the freeway.
  5. When I helped a lost driver find their way to SB and the Lord protected me.
  6. When a Black Man & Son came to our apt. door (in M,W) and intervened from another man who had been stalking us.
  7. When an Encyclopedia Sales-Kid came to C.H. and stayed ’til a stranger in a car left the neighborhood; the car-stranger had been following me on my bike.
  8. When a dove showed me the way home from a mall in FW.
  9. When a rotted stump saved my brother’s life.
  10. The morning God gave me Tangible Joy.
  11. When God save me from over-dose suicide-attempt.
  12. Wow.  There are so many more!  Praise be Jesus; thank You, Lord; I bow to You; Your Mercies are unending.

Substantial Support

On what does my “independence” depend?

  1. Being; created by the Creator
  2. Wholeness; formed, healed, renewed, sustained in the image of Christ
  3. Sense of purpose; ignited and enlightened by the Holy Spirit
  4. Musical thought and ability; born out of and built upon all the musicians before me, especially my teachers
  5. Vision of a teacher; examples of my parents and teachers
  6. Capacity to think; good genes, early nutrition and health in general, parents’ example, teachers’ coaching
  7. “Inner life”; good genes, God’s gifts (charisms), parents’ example, Holy Spirit
  8. Character strengths; parents’ example and early culture
  9. Continual contextual support from my husband
  10. Meaningful work
  11. Sufficient peace within my community
  12. Faithfulness of the community of Faith

I’m sure there are many more things I could list, especially infra-structures and persons responsible for them that allow my life-style to be what it is.  In fact, I can’t really think of anything for which I could say I alone am responsible, except for my choices to say “yes” to life and to follow Christ.  But even that is grace.  God and the faith community give me the strength, discernment, and encouragement to make my best choices.