Authenticity Affirmations


I affirm my

  1. Inner Child: Awe for simple goodness is grace, a gift to be treasured and celebrated.
  2. Sensitivity: Being Aware of small changes helps me see the gift of each moment.
  3. Need for Solitude: Alone-ness with God, with myself, with Quiet is nourishment for my soul; it is to be honored (never deprecated).  To recognize a true need and to fulfill it is Godly.
  4. Voice: Until I can speak freely as I truly wish, writing uncensored is Holy Work; I must do it.  Writing is Sacred Art that honors the Authentic Soul.
  5. Need for music: Hallelujah for the gift of music!  Thank You, God, for making me a musician!
  6. Need for color: Praise be Jesus for color and the gift of finely-tuned sight!
  7. Courage: I face my fears with deep courage founded on Hope and Grace.  I have faith in God and in myself.



10 Steps to a Perfect Day

1.  Sleep in

2.  Read a book, hard copy, preferably a “high-literature” novel

3.  Drink coffee

4.  Write

5.  Drink more coffee; maybe have a scone or a croissant

6.  Music, mostly instrumental

7.  Repeat

8.  Look out the window and thank God for the rain so conducive to reading, writing, and drinking coffee

9.  Think about what other books I want to read

10.  Do this all day, if at all possible.