When Down, Look Up!

For when I am down and all dried-up.  If I am able to remember nothing else, be mindful of this:

Sunday:  The Lord is my Light and my Salvation. (Read Psalm 27.)

Monday:  Can a mother forget her child?  Even if a mother should forget, I will not leave you orphaned, says the Lord.  (Read Isaiah 49.)

Tuesday: Teach me Your ways, guide me in Truth; You are all I can know for sure.  (Read Psalm 25.)

Wednesday: When?  How long, oh Lord?  Come quickly Jesus.  “I will be with you unto the end of the world.”. (Read Matt. 28 and Revelation 22.)

Thursday:  I thirst for Thee, oh Lord.  (Read Psalm 63.)

Friday:  Fear not; I am with you always.  (Read Isaiah 41.)

Saturday:  See!  I am doing a new thing!  (Read Isaiah 43 and Revelation 21.)