Authenticity Affirmations


I affirm my:

  1. Inner Child: My awe for simple goodness is grace, a gift to be treasured and celebrated.
  2. Sensitivity: Being aware of small changes helps me see the gift of each moment.
  3. Need for Solitude: Alone-ness with God, with myself, with quiet, is nourishment for my soul; it is to be honored (never deprecated).  To recognize a true need and to fulfill it is Godly.
  4. Voice: Until I can speak freely as I truly wish, writing uncensored is holy work; I must do it.  Writing is sacred art that honors the authentic soul.
  5. Need for Music: Hallelujah for the gift of Music!  Thank You, God, for making me a musician!
  6. Need for Color: Praise be Jesus for color!  And the gift of finely tuned sight!
  7. Courage: I face my fears with deeply fertile courage founded on Hope and Grace; I have faith in God and in myself; I have faith in Life.